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We very proudly dedicate this page to our daughter,

Maj Kristine (Ratliff) Kline, RN, U.S. Air Force, Retired 


For those of you who knew about our daughter's accident back in April, 2010,
the picture of her here was taken just a week or so before that dreadful day.
For those who didn't know, she suffered a traumatic brain injury
and has been fighting to recover ever since that day.
And what a fight she has made!


Below is a photo of our daughter, Kris, standing tall without her walker on Mother's Day, 2016.  Oddly enough, Kris continues her battle today to start a new life, learn to speak, and learn to eat.  She has been in a total of seven facilities during the past six years, and on September 2, 2016, Kris flew with me and a nurse, to our home in Sebring, Florida at long last.  With one final move back to Pennsylvania (where we are from), she now lives in her own home with 24/7 care, just a few doors up the street from our hourse.  Kris is active in church, lots of outings, exercises every day on her own recumbent bike, goes for walks (always with someone), and is a joy to meet and visit.  While she does not yet speak, we have no doubt that too will come!  Her best words to date are: Amen, Mom, Dad, Hi Mom and I'm fine!

Blessings to you all for your constant vigil in prayer!    

Carol and George Kline 


The photo below is when Kris was serving in Iraq for a second tour.  This is taken at the military hospital in Balad, where she was an OR nurse and cared for our wounded military as well as the wounded children.  Likely, that prompted her to become a pediatrics intensive care unit nurse when she returned to Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio.  Her unit was in the process of moving to Brooke Army Medical Center when the accident happened and where she was airlifted that night.  We praise God for Dr. Richard Teff, the neurosurgeon who was on duty!  Enjoy the photos below! 










Friday, August 13, 2021


Dearest family, friends and prayer warriors,


           Blessings to you all and prayers that everyone is keeping well and safe from the pandemic!

We are praying so very hard the dreaded Covid-19 is finally behind us no matter what people are

saying in Washington.  We have been safe and continue to be thankful only a few in our extended

families have been struck.  But, praise God, we have not lost family or friends, and our hearts go

out to all who have. 


           When I looked back at the last update, I was shocked to find it was March 31, 2020.  That

was just about when the big shut-down occurred across the Nation and life everywhere seemed

to stand still for months.  When we finally learned we might be coming out of this horrible pandemic,

we now have the sister virus called Delta.  Thankfully, however, specialists seem to agree the Delta

virus is not as deadly as Covid-19, although it spreads easier.  We’ll wait and see.


           In the meantime, we are safe and secure in our little manufactured home park high up on

Ketterman Hill outside of Myerstown.  And, as many of you know, Kris moved from her independent

living apartment at StoneRidge into her own beautiful double-wide home on January 20th this year. 

She now lives just three doors up the street from where we live, and it has been such a tremendous

help to her and to us having her so close.


           The same five caregivers are still with her at her new home, all providing part time, mostly

short shifts, and they are truly five caring angels!  Kris is enjoying her beautiful new home, especially

her very own little gym/office.  She has her recumbent bike to ride and arm pulleys to exercise her

arms, and she does so just about every day.  Her desk and computer are in there as well.


           I'll be adding new photos shortly.  Some will show Kris on her front porch.  Top left, you can see the

beautiful ramp that was built when her home was just finished.  She walks right down to the passenger

side of our car, we put her walker in the back while we help her to get in, and off we go.  Top right

photo shows her front porch now with hanging baskets and her Cracker Barrell rocking chairs. 

Oh, yes, and she loves to sweep off the front porch!  She says it’s good exercise!  


           Other photos will show Kris in her uniform as we were getting ready to leave for

a very special program at our church, Zion UMC, in Myerstown.  Just to the right, a photo shows a

beautiful quilt being held while Kris is looking on.  A lovely couple who live in the park where we live

(Glenda and Dave Schlabach) make these quilts for Veterans whom they know.  Quilts of Valor are

registered with the National organization and bear a certificate made of fabric to be sewn right into

the quilt.  Kris’s name, rank, and other pertinent information as to her service, etc., are shown on

that certificate.  The idea of making quilts for Veterans began in 2003, when the mother of a son

serving in Iraq decided to make a quilt to keep her son warm.  Today, over 160,000 Quilts of Valor

have been made by quilters all over the Country.


           Glenda is the woman holding Kris’s quilt, and we are so very grateful she came to visit Kris

to ask if she could do this for her.  After reading Kris’s book, Glenda and her husband were impressed

by Kris’s service and her bravery.  Glenda then asked the Myerstown VFW Chaplain, Rev. Peter Hook,

to lead the presentation.  He readily agreed and invited numerous VFW and American Legion dignitaries

from around the region to attend.  Kris was presented with lifetime memberships to both organizations. 


           In addition, a special PA Air National Guard (PAANG) commemorative coin was presented by

a former PAANG Chaplain, David Wise, along with a beautiful Air National Guard flag.  It now flies under

Old Glory on the flagpole Dad put up alongside Kris’s house.


           Finally, a photo showing Kris blowing out the candles on her birthday ice cream cake. 

She celebrated her 56th (OMG!) on May 23rd while Dad and sisters Stephanie (left) and Diana (far left)

and Ainsley, our granddaughter (Stephanie’s little girl), look on.  Stephanie’s husband, John, was in the

background and not pictured.  All in all, it was a sweet visit and Kris enjoyed some very lovely presents!!! 

Thank you, girls and John!


           On another note, Kris, George and I have become ever more active in our church, Zion United

Methodist Church, in Myerstown.  We are blessed to have Pastor Keith Buckbee to lead us in worship,

along with Pastor Rob Dagen, who serves as an associate and youth leader.  They are drawing more

new people into the church, and Pastor Keith is truly the “on fire” inspiration we have needed.  He

preaches directly from the Word of God on Sunday, using no notes, and filling hearts with such desire to

grow in faith.  We now attend the Monday evening Bible Study, which is truly an inspiration, and we have

learned so much as we work our way through Genesis.   


           Recently, the idea to hold a revival service in the church was fostered, and that has become an

overwhelming desire with many who attend and serve.  During Wednesday night prayer meetings,

heartfelt prayers have been raised in lieu of the dreadful state of America; i.e., the senseless killing

of hundreds in large cities, the epidemic of store and business robberies and burning of buildings, and

the corruption among those in leadership positions.  With all of this tyranny, we have become very aware

of the need for God in homes, in our lives and the lives of children, and to save the unborn.  This is

where our church stands, and we are deeply encouraged by those who want to see revival happen.


           Not as a fundraiser, but merely to create some excitement in the area, we had t-shirts printed

with the word “REVIVAL” across the front in bold red letters, with the church name and address across

the back.  (See photo below.) Many of us have been wearing them to Wednesday night prayer meetings,

and to a special Revival prayer group on Tuesdays at 2!  


           While a date has not been set because we are waiting on the Lord and praying very hard for His

direction, we hope to hold the Revival service sometime in September or October.  If you’re interested in

purchasing a t-shirt (they are only $5 and we have a myriad of sizes) or in coming to the Revival when a

date (or dates) is set, email or call me, and I’ll be happy to keep you informed and let you know how to

get a t-shirt.


           My time with Kris is about 44 hours per week, depending on who’s on vacation or not able to come,

and full weekends.  The angel caregivers make it possible for me to be at home with my hubby most nights,

and to help him during the day to do some of the things he can no longer handle.  In return, he takes care

of making many of the charts and documentation forms that we use for Kris’s care.  Everything is documented!!! 


           Sandwiched in between all of that, however, I have prayed about and feel led to take on a small

volunteer position that Pastor Keith asked me about a month or so ago.  Associated with the On Fire

youth program in Myerstown, there is a program directly associated with children and teens of all ages

in the ELCO     School District known as Released Time.  During school hours, children are permitted

to attend education sessions, which last for about two hours, and include prepared curriculum as volunteers

work with these children.  The grades included are third, fourth and fifth, and I have chosen third graders

with whom I would work for two hours on Wednesday each week.  Kris was very excited for me and thinks it’s great!


           When I went into the JDM Office Supply in Myerstown the other day, I was taken by the huge banner

on the front of a check-out counter.  It read:


Only God…

can turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, and a victim into a victory!


           In this day and age, I thought that was very appropriate.  Know that you are all counted among our treasured

friends, loved ones and, especially, those wonderful prayer warriors.  God keep you all safe!


Blessings and love,

Carol, George and Kris