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 "An Unlikely Pair"
is for children of all ages!
Adults are enjoying it, too!
Order it now directly from Amazon.com.
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It's adorable!  It's humorous!  It's all in rhyme!

During our daughter's recovery from a traumatic brain injury due to a horrific automobile accident in April 2010, I often made up little tunes and funny verses to make her laugh as I helped care for her.  Prior to even being fully out of a coma, she would watch me and listen, and she would smile.  It meant to the world to me!  It gave me hope!
While she is just now learning to speak, she laughs out loud when I repeat as many of the poems and stories to her as I can.  It is my joy to see her smile and hear her laugh, and I decided to continue making up verses to "I'm a g-nu" and "I'm a g'nat"  and then having the book published.
The entire children's book came together and I dedicate it to Major Kristine Ratliff, RN, USAF, for her service to our country, for being a dedicated nurse, wife and mother, daughter and sister, and for being the greatest inspiration of courage and hope I have ever known. 
With so much love,
Carol Kline,
Author and Mom!


"Miss Maggie Down On Main Street"

...Is a heartwarming tale set in rhyme that shows even the hardest heart can be filled with caring when the right initiative is used:

Love, Respect, Tenderness and Compassion!

Miss Maggie had all these gifts, and she was just waiting for the right one to come along to share them!

It's a tale as old as time and offers encouragement to children of special needs!

A great family story... filled with humor, warmth, and encouragement!

Order it now from Amazon.com by searching for the title by Carol Kline.




Ananais and the Sawgrass Mysteries

Winner! 2015 Golden Palm Award - Second Place! 

An adventure novel for middle school-age children

is set in the beautiful South Central Texas town

of Dripping Springs (just west of Austin),

and is the beginning of a series of adventure mysteries about as 12-year old boy,

his three little buddies, his grandmother, two really bad characters,

and introduces the Legend of Wolf Girl!

Order it today from Amazon.com.

Search for the title and the author's name.





Home Of the Brave

A True Story Of Courage

People ask me every day, "How is your daughter doing?"

I simply stop and reflect, and thank God every day that she is here at all.

I consider all that she endures even today

on this long journey back from a traumatic brain injury,

                                                  then I smile and say, "She is awesome!"

It's available now on Amazon.com

Search for the title and the author's name!


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Available now at Amazon.com,
search by title and author's name.
OR... email Carol Kline directly
for an autographed copy!

Order your copy or copies today from Amazon.com
or by contacting Carol Kline directly
at cakl45@comcast.net or call 863-202-5876
for an autographed copy!
Cost is $9.95 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling.
Make check or money order payable to: Carol Kline
Be sure to designate and print clearly to whom the autographed copy should go.
Allow 6 to 10 days for delivery.