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John A. Kline...
May 28, 1969 - December 13, 2017 

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To all our dear friends, family and prayer warriors,

We don’t remember exactly when this photo of son John was taken.  It was, we believe, prior to his being diagnosed with melanoma in December, 2009.

Many of you knew we left home on Friday, November 24, 2017 to return to Pennsylvania because of John’s decline in his battle with cancer.  For those who did not know, we stayed until after Christmas.  In those last days, visits from family and friends were closely regulated by Robin because John simply could not be up out of bed for great lengths of time.  On the last Monday afternoon, George, Kris and I spent several precious hours with John and Robin, and he was all but confined to his bed that day.  He had lost his voice.

The accumulation of fluid in his chest was constant, and staggering amounts of fluid had been removed almost daily from his chest cavity.  He was on oxygen 24/7, and hospice worked with him regularly.

Your prayers sustained us as we watched our beloved John often speak of going home to see Jesus, and he asked his family to read to him from the Bible.  He especially wanted to know more and more about heaven, and was enthralled with the book of Revelation. 

John never knew a stranger and was the most gentle, kind-hearted young man I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  I have been his step-mother for nearly 40 years.  He and his older brother Gary are like my very own.  Family and friends came to visit daily, and prayers were being offered from all over the country. 

On December 13, 2017, the family gathered around his bed to say a last farewell.  John left this life that afternoon, and is truly enjoying the painless, healed body God promised him.  Kris was able to walk to his bedside one last time to give him a kiss good-bye just minutes before he left us.  She wrote on her iPad, “He went home to God and I can’t pucker right now.  I hope he knows I kissed him.” 


He was 49, and left us far too soon.  But what a joy it was, although bittersweet, to watch John leave this life, and know that he is with the Jesus he loved.  John’s heart and soul soared heavenward, and touched the face of God as he joined the many friends and loved ones who have gone before.

We are so deeply grateful for all your prayers throughout these eight years.  They and the immeasurable faithfulness of our Father in Heaven have sustained us, and given us great peace.

All our love and deepest appreciation always,

George and Carol 


                                       “Once we choose hope, anything is possible!”  -- Christopher Reeve 




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